15 January 2008

Would a $2500 car be a good thing?

The Tata Nano is a $2,500 car made by an Indian manufacturer. According to this National Geographic video, the manufacters claim that it will get 50mpg and meets safety standards (although I don't know if safety standards in India are the same as in the U.S.). Although the concept of such a cheap vehicle sounds great to many, there is a lot of opposition. People worry that, because it's such a cheap car, there will be many more on the road, causing congestion and pollution.

I'm right down the middle in my opinion of the Tata Nano. On the one hand, I understand the problem with there being more cars on the road and thus there being more pollution. On the other hand, however, I'm a poor college student. A $2,500 car sounds amazing to me. Plus it looks cool.

What do you think?

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