30 April 2008

Abstinence Only! Protect Your Shame-Cave

Make sure you watch this the whole way through:

The sad truth: girls are being raised to think of their vagina as bad and shameful. Women are taught that it's entirely their own fault if they get pregnant, women who enjoy sex are sluts while guys are players, and then you have the whole "purity" nonsense (like purity balls, where teenage girls pledge their virginity to their fathers, ugh), and so on.

12 April 2008

Smell the Roses While You Still Can

A new study has determined that flowers are losing their scent due to pollution from power plants and cars. To make matters worse, not only are we facing a future lacking in the gorgeous scents of blooms, but insects won't be able to find pollen. According to National Geographic News:
Flowers produce volatile scent molecules that bond with pollutants such as ground-level ozone, in the process breaking down the plants' sweet smell.

With more pollution in the air, the aromatic molecules don't remain potent as long and travel shorter distances on the wind.
What you can do
Since the pollution is coming from cars and power plants, the obvious solution would be to drive hybrids or plug-ins (or, even better, walking or biking!) and to either limit energy use or rely on pollutant-free energy such as wind or solar power.

04 April 2008

02 April 2008

Tribal Fashion in Africa

The Daily Mail has a recent feature composed of striking images of tribal fashion in Africa. It's worth a look.

Out of Africa

British Prime Minister Reclassifies Cannabis

From the Telegraph:
Gordon Brown today gave his backing for cannabis to be reclassified as a more serious drug later this month in a move that will reverse its downgrading by his predecessor....

At his monthly press conference, the Prime Minister revealed his strong support for reclassifying cannabis as a "class B" rather than "class C" drug....

People found in possession of Class B drugs can face a five-year jail term and an unlimited fine.
I don't know much about British prison systems, but if it's anything like America's putting people in jail for having possession of weed is resulting in overflowing prisons. Shouldn't taxes go toward keeping real criminals behind bars? Considering marijuana doesn't kill people (like alcohol poisoning and harder drugs can), more attention should be paid to actually dangerous activities. Plus, a lot of studies have shown that marijuana can be beneficial to many people. So why is it still illegal? Because our governments are making too much money from imprisoning pot heads.