02 October 2008

My Take On The Debate

I hope everyone had a chance to watch the only vice-presidential debate of this election year. I want to share a few of my thoughts about the Biden and Palin exchange.

First, I've never been a particularly big fan of this kind of presidential and vice-presidential debate, mainly because the American people are not able to get a look at the real candidates. I'm sure a lot of people (particularly Republicans who are already in love with Palin) are going to comment extensively on what a great job Palin did. Sure, she didn't stumble over her words, but we've already seen what an unscripted Palin is like (Katie Couric interviews).

Second, she danced around a lot of the questions, bringing everything right back to energy dependency. At the same time, Biden was doing a great job of actually answering people.

Third, she seemed aloof and condescending, while Biden was easy to relate to and trust. She pretty much smirked through the entire debate.

Fourth, I'm sorry Sarah, you do not have the experience to be vp or, god forbid, president.

Fifth, Sarah Palin told us that the McCain/Palin ticket would lead to change. WTF? How is electing McCain, who votes with Bush around 90% of the time, going to lead to change?

Sixth, kudos to Biden for his "McCain voted the same way" answers. Sarah, know how McCain voted before condemning the other candidates.

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