23 September 2008

A McCain Administration = Secrecy

Republican VP pick Sarah Palin's inability to give interviews and talk to reporters is getting annoying. I also feel it's a good representation of what John McCain's administration, if elected, will look like.

Sarah Palin is being kept out of the spotlight, not to keep her away from the "sexist, angry media" as some have suggested, but because she doesn't know what she's doing. McCain is scared as hell that she will say something that is out of place and extreme, and as a result she will hurt his campaign. Her lack of experience and inability to do the job are the main reasons McCain shouldn't have even bothered, but he feels that Americans will be okay with it since she's a fresh face and *gasp* a woman.

If McCain is keeping Palin out of the spotlight because he's scared she'll fuck up, what does that say about the possible McCain presidency? Does it mean less press conferences and interviews with out president? Less transperancy than what we've had even with Bush? Probably. I want to know what my government is doing, and be aware of what my leaders are thinking.

Sarah Palin Bans Reporters From UN Meeting

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