12 March 2008

Global Warming's Effects of Transportation

According to a new study transportation is facing growing threats from global warming. These are the five biggies, from National Geographic News:

-- More heat waves, requiring load limits at hot-weather or high-altitude airports and causing thermal expansion of bridge joints and rail track deformities.

-- Rising sea levels and storm surges flooding coastal roadways, forcing evacuations, inundating airports and rail lines, flooding tunnels, and eroding bridge bases.

-- More rainstorms delaying air and ground traffic, flooding tunnels and railways, and eroding road, bridge, and pipeline supports.

-- More frequent strong hurricanes, disrupting air and shipping service, blowing debris onto roads, and damaging buildings.

-- Rising arctic temperatures thawing permafrost, resulting in road, railway, and airport runway subsidence and potential pipeline failures.

I've said this before, but it's sobering to realize just how much global warming is going to affect every aspect of our lives.

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