01 December 2007

The other side of global warming

Even though most people now agree that global warming is more than likely our fault, it's always good to have basic knowledge about skeptic's views. It's the only way to effectively debate something.

Unfortunately, some articles making the argument against humanity's involvement in global warming resort to bashing liberals and hippies. Thankfully, however, HowStuffWorks has a fantastic article that explains in very basic terms what climate change skeptics believe. It's not very long (don't be discouraged by the four pages), and I highly recommend it.

Are Climate Skeptics Right?

Anytime I mention climate change skeptics, I always find myself saying the same thing. And this time's no different. I love differing opinions, they create an opportunity to really understand something and investigate it. But I fear that the people trying to convince people that global warming is either not real or not caused by humans are almost working against the environment in a way. If global warming isn't real or there's nothing we can do about it, what's going to drive people to change their habits. If, in 20 years, global warming is proved wrong (which I doubt), what's so bad about having invested in clean technology? Our overall lives will still be better. Whether or not you think global warming is real, you still need to be concerned about pollution and the state of the environment.

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