06 October 2007

Overview of upcoming candidate analysis

At the end of September I posted that I was going to profile every presidential candidate in this blog. I've just finished with the first candidate, Steve Adams, but before I post I want to explain my techniques a little bit. I plan on getting most of the information from the candidates themselves, whether it's through research or direct email correspondence. I realize that there are some things that can be considered pertinent that will not be included on their campaign sites, such as negative controversy, and in those cases I might include brief accounts of those facts. However, this project is not meant to criticize candidates, it's meant to expose them and their ideas to the public.

At the end of every post, I have three short sections: Electability, My Analysis, and Further Information. Electability is rated on a scale from 0-5, and I'm going to be strict. My Analysis is just one or two sentences about how I feel about that particular candidate and his policies. Further Information is pretty straightforward, I'm adding links to their sites.

I hope everyone enjoys the posts. I'm not posting in a regular fashion, just whenever I finish with a candidate.

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