24 September 2007

Watch Out America

StumbleUpon is a beautiful thing. I'd seen this list once before and had forgotten about it. It's surprising how America mimics all fourteen of these points. However, I also think that people are hasty to judge based on only one side of the argument. Although I believe that America is leading down a path toward control and a totalitarian-like regime, there are things that make America different from the fascists states studied by Dr. Britt. For example, we have a form of free speech that Germany and the others didn't have. So, please keep in mind while reading through this list that although America has all of these characteristics in some form, there are many other aspects that set us apart.

Fourteen Characteristics of Fascism

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Calvin Jones said...

Thanks for drapping by at my blog, glad you enjoy reading it.

I`m sorry that you have to do microeconomics...that must be hard for you.

I think a totalitarian state would probably have more microeconomics courses, i'm not sure why, it's just a hunch.